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Yunnan Dianhong Group Company Limited (Dianhong Group for short) is based in Fengqing county, Yunnan province, China. It was founded in 1939. It's the founder of the famous “Dianhong tea”. Dianhong's brand value is accumulating for about 80 years now, it sets and follows the national standard of Dianhong tea. Dianhong Group has over 6,600 hectares of tea estates, 2,047 hectares of them are self-owned (including 1,334 hectares certified by CERES in Germany as organic tea estates and  800 hectares which has rainforest certificate); 85 primary factories, one refining factory with an area of 70,000 m2 which covers 23 hectares of land and production volume of 15,000 tons a year. It is one of the main black tea production enterprises which integrating cultivation, production, processing, scientific research and marketing.

In 1958, Dianhong Tea Factory produced a super congou black tea, which was sold as the highest price in London Tea Market. In 80’s, based on the former market accumulation. Dianhong Group create its first brand of black tea—— Feng. Feng dominates the Dianhong black tea market and as the official national gift, it is sending to different royal family members and political leaders around the world. 

In the future, aiming at the branding internationalization, Dianhong is expanding the scope of international business and looking forward to establish the partnership with corporations and organizations from all the countries.

Mr. Wang Tianquan, the chairman of the board and president of Dianhong Group sincerely welcome you to visit us for business meetings and negotiations, communicating conferences, tea tasting and researching programs and other variety kinds of activities.