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Plantation Speciality

The Environment of Dianhong Field

Fengqing County is located in 99°31’to 100°13’east longitude and 24°13’to 25°02’north altitude with high elevation and a spring-like temperature through the whole year (The average temperature of a year is 16.6℃) and seasons divided into warm and rainy season and cool and dry season without too much temperature differences during winter and summer.

With large temperature differences in a day and small temperature differences during whole year, and sufficient rainfall, Fengqing is richly endowed by nature.

It has the illumination, moisture, heat and air needed for high quality tea trees in all stages, so the tea trees can fully grow. it also helps with the accumulation of internal substances within tea leaves, that’s why Dianhong tea has a high level of internal substances.

Illumination and Soil Condition

The geographical location of Fengqing belongs to the high altitude, low latitude, middle subtropical zone and north subtropical mountain monsoon climate, and with high elevation in the mountain area ( above 1,600 meters on average), perpendicular throw is high. The air is fresh, and the Illumination condition is also remarkable, spectral components in the HF components contained is more, short wave ultraviolet bactericidal effect which helps control pests and diseases, without pesticide pollution.

The soil is mostly red soil with an acidic pH value ranging from 5.0 to 6.0, which is suitable for the growth of food crops, tea and other economic crops.

Dianhong Tea

Using large leaf tea growing in high altitude ecological tea estates in Fengqing, Lincang, Yunnan as raw materials, Dianhong tea was first identified as excellent varieties of national tea tree in 1984. The geographical advantages and biological diversity of Dianhong tea can not be duplicated.

Fengqing large leaf tea has high quality, high tea polyphenol contents and strong polyphenol oxidant activity. The tea leaves are thick, and the infusion has a bright red color with high aroma and mellow taste, the infused leaf color is uniform and bright, it has the quality of the world class black tea.