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Intangible Cultural Heritage of China—Dianhong Tea Production Techniques

This is a joutney of a piece of tea leaf
Black tea primary producing technique: Tea plucking -- Withering -- Rolling ( Cutting) -- Fermentation -- Drying

tea plucking

Dianhong tea plucking standard: bud only, one leaf and bud and two leaves and bud. Every kilogram of high-end bud only series products takes 80, 000 tea buds picked carefully by hand.


Withering is a process which including moisture losing in fresh lwaves, softening the tea leaves,volatilizing a grass-like smell and developing aroma in the tea.


Tea leaves cell wall was broken in rolling machine,starts to bring out the color, aroma, teste and the shape of the tea.


After fermentation, the color of the tea turns from green to red, with the grass-like aroma gone, thefruity flowery aroma comes out.


By drying the Fermented tea with proper temperature, reduce moisture and size of the tea, the shape of the tea can also be fixed,and with aromatic substance activated, the special sweetenss aroma of Dianhong tea shows.